EIO - Production of solid alternative fuels from waste

EIO - Production of solid alternative fuels from waste

Arrow line, a.s. the company that deal with obtaining energy from the selected components of the waste and bio-waste. It is done with the technology,  which is developed  in cooperation with Technical University of Ostrava ad this technology is based on pyrolysis for energy recovery and disposal of sorted waste and biomass. This direction is particularly promising in the future as an important source of energy and raw materials.

Pyrolysis processing of organic matter is still a little appreciated method for sorted waste into energy solutions on the small and medium-sized level. The energy potential hidden in wastes of organic origin offer a better alternative to today’s highly advocated and much-favoured potentially scarce and difficult to process biomass.The principle of pyrolysis (dry distillation or coking) was known already in the 18th century, but never found higher use in waste disposal. The problem was primarily in the management process itself and the technical level of measurement and control of relevant variables such as temperature and pressure.
The products of pyrolysis are always: gas, liquid phase, solid carbon residue.
Arrow line, a.s. also deals with the applied research in the field of biomass use, Waste separation and wood chips in the process of pyrolysis. For this purpose was based cluster ENVICRACK - cooperative of research, implementation, and design firms and agencies together with the future users of the technology.

Environmental Impact

The main benefit of technology is less negative impact on the environment as: less use of materials, energy self-sufficiency, very low emissions, effective use of heavily eliminable waste with gaining gas as an energy source, technology is completely recyclable.

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