EIO - MOR Online

EIO - MOR Online

The organised waste market is a trading area made up of a number of electronic platforms that can be used to trade waste, as they process market enquiries, expressions of interest and actual transactions. MOR Online is a public limited company formed by Sociedade Ponto Verde, Ambigroup, ACAP and Seminv, to manage the first integrated management platform in the organised waste market (OWM). 

MOR Online is an electronic platform bringing together sellers and buyers in total security, due to the nature of the products traded – industrial, household, construction, demolition and other types of waste. According to the Decree Law 73/2011, June 17th it will be also possible to trade subproducts, recycled materials and toxic waste. This platform has been authorised by Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente. Waste producers can put up their waste for sale at MOR Online and guarantors and recyclers can buy it in a completely transparent process. MOR is financially self-sustaining, asthere is a charge transaction and membership fees. Some of the main goals are:  promote the trading of waste between companies; foster recycling and other forms of waste recovery, prolong the life cycle of materials and save natural resources; provide a direct channel of communication between agents in the sector and place waste producers in contact with operators and logistics services; optimise waste management operations and minimise their cost; encourage the installation of new industries by fostering waste recycling, especially those whose current capacity is poor (e.g. CDW); and encourage the use of materials from recycled waste.

The existence of underdeveloped and not very sophisticated flows in the waste market and the paradigm shift of the concept of waste into secondary material

Technological and sophisticated system that can be difficult to use by the interested actors

Environmental Impact
Minimize the use of natural resources particularly raw materials and energy sources.

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Website: http://www.moronline.pt/

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