EIO - CYPROBELL® Grey Water Recycling System of Hydranos LTD

EIO - CYPROBELL® Grey Water Recycling System of Hydranos LTD

From 1999 onwards, the government of Cyprus decided the implementation of water conservation measures at household level in order to save water from the existing water supply systems. A lot of investments have since been made towards this objective by the government and especially the Department of Water Development.


Hydranos Ltd is a company in the sector of water industry and aims at assisting households and industry in general to save water and energy. It is an organization that considers the needs of the environment and strives to optimise the use of water in a sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

CYPROBELL® is a unique innovative device to treat and recycle household grey water. The CYPROBELL® Grey Water Recycling System of Hydranos LTD is one of the simplest and versatile recycling systems currently in the market. The system can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer in terms of size, cost, and degree of automation required, to accommodate the needs of a family or the needs of a large institution housing a large number of people, such as an army barracks.

The System collects the grey water, which is then processed chemically and the end product is stored once again ready to be used where necessary. The quality of the end product that comes out of the system is such that allows the use of the treated water for irrigation and flushing of the WCs. The system can be installed above ground, below ground, on the roof, or in any combination that the user requires.

In summary the process followed by the system is explained below. The CYPROBELL® system comprises a Collection Tank to balance out the substantial variation in flow and composition of the grey water over the day. The minimum capacity of the Collection Tank is 700 litters and incorporates an automatic overflow to sewer. The composite grey water is then pumped to a Treatment Tank where chemical treatment, takes place. The intermittent pump rate is timed to give a total volume matching the anticipated householder demand. The treated effluent then passes to a Reuse Tank sized to suite the householder's reuse requirements, or discharged directly to the garden, according to the user's needs.

Sustainability effects

-       Friendly to the environment in terms of:

a.     water savings and improved water quality,

b.    low power consumption, thus reduction of electricity used and of CO2 emmissions

−      Small space requirements

-       Minimal modifications to the structure where it is installed

Barriers are

-       New technology for the country

-       People are conservative to newly tested technologies

Drivers are

-       40% Water Savings

-       Customised to the specific needs of each user

-       Self Cleaning

-       No unpleasant odours

-       Low maintenance

-       Low Operating Costs

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