EIO - CLARITY - glass sorting technology

EIO - CLARITY - glass sorting technology

With its innovative opto-electronic sorting of bulk materials Styrian companies are the technological leader in the recycling of glass. In this field Binder+Co who deal with cutting-edge waste glass sorting technologies, is an already successful company. In addition to the reliable removal of contaminants such as ceramics, stoneware and porcelain, the tasks to be tackled in modern glass processing involve high quality separation according to individual colours with the lowest possible glass losses.

Using a state-of-the-art sensor-based sorting system, CLARITY from Binder&Co separates old glass by colour – including heat-resistant special glass and glass-ceramics.The world‘s first 3-way-system recognises contaminants and cullet according to their colours.The system fully automatically recognises the colour as well as the type and quality of a variety of materials and sort them with the highest degree of precision. This important advantage for efficient processes in a slim plant design is combined with the latest cameras and sensor technology. Today, the third generation of CLARITY is already being deployed. Not only the design, but also the material used is setting the trend. For the first time, all exterior covers are made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. In order to live up to today's demands (see Barriers and drivers), CLARITY analyses information in the ultra-violet and visible-light wavelength ranges. By fusing a UV sensor with a RGB camera (red, green and blue), heat-resistant special glasses and lead-containing glasses can be identified and reliably excluded.

Barriers and drivers

The challenge today is in separating glasses with different melting temperatures. Heat-resistant glasses have to be removed from the material stream – the human eye cannot distinguish them from normal cullet. Legal standards are expanding requirements on modern glass-sorting machines. Glasses with raised heavy metal content, in particular lead, also have to be separated.

Economic Performance

The system is cost-saving through low consumption of resources (energy, cleaning supplies) and the longevity of the machines.

Social Performance

Exchange of knowledge (continuing education):
In this regard Binder+Co is in close contact with universities, such as the Mining University of Leoben and the University of Graz, as well as with specialised technical research institutes. The company thus cultivates fruitful collaborations.
- CLARITY simplifies and shortens the workflow in recycling processes.

Environmental Impact

Resource conservation (improved recycling prozess; material substitution):The technology from Binder+Co creates the optimum conditions for the sustainable protection and development of valuable resources. It creates value by processing secondary raw materials, such as waste glass, by sorting it and thus making it recyclable.

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ECO World Styria (www.eco.at)

Binder+Co AG (www.binder-co.com)

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