EIO - Biological purification of waste water

EIO - Biological purification of waste water

Waste water from catering or institutional kitchens has a high fat load and a high proportion of other organic residue such as starch or proteins. Its hydrophobic character means that it generally requires treatment involving the physical separation of fat from water via a degreasing tank. Degreasing tanks call for frequent (at least every 3 months) and expensive maintenance including regular emptying, approximately every 3 months, impromptu unblocking work, cleaning operations after overflows odour control after nauseous emissions, etc.

‘The Belgian company Realco (http://www.realco.be) has proposed an alternative solution.  Their new water purification technology is based on using enzymes. The enzyme is a natural organism (protein) with excellent cleaning properties; it decomposes organic macromolecules into smaller components, making them water-soluble and hence easier to be assimilated by the bacteria.

Realco's range of CPL products is the enzyme-bacteria complex for waste water treatment. Enzymes are selected for their specific action on organic matter. CPL range products contain a wide spectrum of enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase) and a bacteria concentration formulated specifically for metabolisation of organic matter and in particular fatty matter. Realco uses enzymes as a full or partial substitute for chemical detergents. As well as working preventively, the enzymes can also be used correctively by suppressing the inhibitor effect of some detergents on biological purification processes. Their concept, which is protected by a number of patents, makes cleaning an integral part of the purification process.


Drivers are environmental-friendly image of the technology; simplicity of the technology

Barriers are instability of enzymes if the specific conditions are not ensured; lack of incentives measures/instruments, legislative requirement  for the potential users to switch to the new technology

Sustainability effects
Thanks to the thorough and irreversible action of its organic material, Realco’s products achieve a high level of cleaning performance whilst also benefiting the environment. Avoidance of the application of chemical detergent improves the discharged water quality. New process saves costs associated with the maintenance and cleaning of the degreasing tank and water purification installations.

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