EIO - BioBooster, Decentralised Wastewater Treament

EIO - BioBooster, Decentralised Wastewater Treament

The Grundfos Biobooster is developed to treat and cleanse untreated wastewater locally, so water can be discharged directly back to the local environment. In countries or regions with water shortages, the biobooster plant can contribute to a more sustainable practice, as the treated wastewater will be reused for agricultural, recreational, or industrial purposes and thus save on scarce water resources.

Grundfos BioBooster (GBB) is a complete, compact, and modular wastewater treatment plant based on ultrafiltration membranes. The goal is to deliver tailormade treatment plants for small urban communities to decentralise the cleaning of their waste water, and to achieve a water quality that can meet emissions requirements for vulnerable recipients, making it possible to reuse the water for agricultural, recreational, municipal or industrial purposes locally.

The Biobooster plant offers a paradigm shift (in Denmark) in relation to the current centralization trend of wastewater treatment, as the cleaning process reaches a better water quality than large wastewater treatment plants, and simultaneously keep the water in the local environment for the benefit of small streams and water recipients. In countries or regions with water shortages, the plant will therefore contribute to a more sustainable practice, as the treated wastewater can be reused and thus save on scarce water resources.

The heart of the Biobooster wastewater treatment plant is the biological reactor with active biomass (bacteria) that break down the pollutants, and the membrane reactors with ultrafiltration membranes that prevent the plant bacteria and other particulate pollutants to be discharged with the purified water. The biological process also takes place in a closed environment, so the sourrounding environment is not affected by odour from the plant.

Economic Performance

Cleaning and reusing wastewater in local industrial or agricultural processes will not only reduce water consumption, but also benefit the costs of local businesses.  In a more general perspecitve, smaller communities can reduce the investments in development of infrastructure connecting them to larger treatment facilities, and as a benefit avoid the costly necessity to maintain a large grid of e.g. underground pipes.  

Social Performance

The Grundfos Biobooster plant is an off-the-shelf solution based on modular components, and it can be scaled to match any capacity between the equivlant of 500-5000 people. The Grundfos Biobooster can support wastewater treament in remote areas, which also makes it interesting in the perspective of developing countries and regions with limited resources to implement large infrastructure. The packaged system emits no odours.  

Environmental Impact

Reuse of purified water for irrigation or in industrial processes will reduce local water consumption. By treating the water upstream, neighborhood assets requiring irrigation can receive the treated discharge, which in-turn can percolate underground and help refill aquifers. Large-scale sewage treatment plants are often unable to make use of the treated water and instead of being recycled and returned to the aquifers upstream, much of it is discharged downstream or into large water streams. It has the potential to contribute to the formation of an infrastructure to sustain watershed integrity.

Further Information

For more information please visit the website for Grundfos Biobooster: http://grundfos-biobooster.com/#start


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