EIO - Aerator: an aeration device for the purpose of water treatment

EIO - Aerator: an aeration device for the purpose of water treatment

Aerator: a device for water aeration. POLIMAT EKO designed original solutions for an aerator used to aerate and de-gas waters in reservoirs (lakes, ponds, rivers) operating as a sprinkler and aerator for water. In the water treatment technology, aerators are used for de-ironing and de-manganation of water. Application of aerators decreas the volume of pollution dissolved in water.

Aeration of polluted water in open reservoirs (bodies of water, treatment plants) is a key element for maintaining  water purity due to the fact that sole reduction in the load of pollution is insufficient. Furthermore, maintenance of a proper quantity of oxygen in water prevents such phenomena as winter fish kills - limited production of oxygen and in the summer it averts inhibition of photosynthesis.
Aerating devices of Polimat Eko are applied in various bodies of water (rivers, lakes, ponds, water holes, reservoirs), in sewage treatment plants and in industry. These are standing or floating aerators with relevant capacities. This results from differences in individual bodies of waters, differences in manners and scopes of pollution, as well as their location and depth. They are made of materials which do not require time-consuming maintenance; they are resistant to corrosion and subject to recycling. They are powered with electric engines of small power (usually within the range of 0.75 - 4 kW) or water engines. They are characterized by ease in assembly in any field conditions; the location of assembly can be easily changed; the aeration process is fully automated and may be optionally monitored by the company. With relatively small sizes, these devices are very efficient in the aeration process. The artificial aeration system proposed by POLIMAT EKO does not cause changes in water temperature and in consequence leads to reduction in internal enrichment of water with bio-genes from bottom sediment. Aeration devices of Polimat Eko participate in an innovative reclamation project of Lake Parnowo.

Barriers and Drivers
A barrier for wider application of these devices by local governments is the absence of sufficient own funds (significant budget encumbrances), limitation in access to credit facilities and insufficient assistance funds for projects of this type. Encouragement for applying this solution are legal requirements with respect to compliance with a relevant class of water purity in reservoirs.

Economic Performance
Competitive cost of operation - small energy consumption of the aeration system with a relatively high degree of supplied oxygen.

Social Performance
Treatment of reservoirs for recreational purposes and intake of potable water.

Environmental Impact
Treatment of water in reservoirs.

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