Dynamic integration of water sustainabiliity indicators

Dynamic integration of water sustainabiliity indicators

We have developed the DIWSI (Dynamic Integration fo Water Sustainbility Indicators) for an integrated and participatory approach to develop the most appropriate water indicators for each specific system and to used it to explore the potential effects of different water policy options and management measures

The DIWSI approach adopts an inter-disciplinary and integrated perspective (linking the economic, environmental, social, institutional and water governance dimensions) and the need for a dynamic linkage among indicators and between indicators and the key factors driving the whole water system. This is carried out by the integration of water indicators on a dynamic system model. Moreover, this allows the quantitative simulation of the water system, the assessment of scenarios and policy options by means of the integrated water indicators and the sensitivity analysis. The DIWSI methodology constitutes a powerful tool for water management and planning and improved decissions processes for policy makers, stakeholders participation and enhanced water governance based on sound scientific knowledge.

The DIWSI approach has been tested in diferent socio-ecological water systems, such as the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve and the Galapagos National Park and is ready to be applied to other water systems.

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