Developing a customer-centric culture in a civil engineering firm

Developing a customer-centric culture in a civil engineering firm

The problem

Launching a new customer care programme is always an exciting moment for a marketing team. For this multinational civil engineering firm serving the water industry, the challenge laid in:

  • Ensuring everyone embarked on the customer care journey;
  • Securing the swift implementation by teams who are not so marketing savvy.
  • The technical teams excelled at project management and delivery.

They needed to be as comfortable in understanding and managing the customer expectations, developing empathy, building relationships beyond projects, and leveraging those relationships to grow revenue.

Project outlines

Agily activate© business transformation programme supported the entire business division shift in the customer care practices and culture. It was implemented by a team of practitioners, each with more than 20 years in customer experience, Key Account Management (KAM), marketing and executive coaching.

Such complex change required leadership drive, new tools and training methods, setting realistic team goals and managing progress effectively. For these reasons, the programme combined coaching and tools such as Agily - our proprietary team productivity mobile app – and was delivered over a quarter in four stages:

Agily Activate Four Stages Process Image

In a typical 360o review style, the programme kicked off researching clients’ “customer care” expectations and their feedback on services delivered by the engineering consulting firm. The research also covered the engineering consultancy commercial practices and the account teams’ needs, expectations and potential challenges with the project implementation.

The research findings contributed to second phase design. During a training workshop, the KAMs and their teams discovered why is customer satisfaction important, why customer centric brands succeed, what is a customer centric approach and ways to extend client relationships beyond projects. With Agily3 coaches’ support, the account teams explored this new approach, drilling into client needs to build more customer-centric value propositions and touch points.

At the beginning of the practice phase, all teams committed to deliver a set of customer care improvement goals. They were coached by Agily3 team to keep the focus on the programme strategic objectives.

The project closed with a benchmark research to close the loop with the 360o review and evaluate the outcomes and the impact of the culture shift.


Key benefits included:

  • A shared vision of customer care and alignment with the programme objectives.
  • In-depth understanding of the customer needs and expectations to support value creation for clients.
  • A behavioral change for technical staff to being customer-focused and to building closer collaboration and lasting relationships with clients and partners.
  • Clear customer care outcomes, and where required, performance related outputs within a quarter.

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