Desert Control

Desert Control

NanoClay is a sandy soil enhancer which allows the cultivation of sandy soil into fertile soil. This process normally takes 7-15 years, but with this product it can be done in 7 hours.

NanoClay also reduces the water needed for irrigation by between 50%-66%. Many areas around the globe that are drought stricken today would be thriving farmland, if treated with NanoClay.Desert Control brings their patented mixing units to the customer and applies LNC directly into the irrigation water and uses sprinklers to spread it. The mix sinks into the soil, creating a 40-60 cm deep layer, which retains the water like a sponge. This layer stops water from evaporating and ensures optimal growing conditions for anything you plant in it. What’s more it’s completely organic and doesn’t use any chemicals.


Andreas Julseth, Chief Operating Officer


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