DBFO of STP's in a range of 500 till 45 000 m³/d

DBFO of STP's in a range of 500 till 45 000 m³/d

The company has Designed – Built and Financed more than 290 STP’s treating municipal sewage. All these installations are actual Operated by the mother company. Design of Waste Water Treatment plant is performed in Aqua plus nv using all experience gathered in the Parental Company Aquafin, and using the Aqua plus engineering expertise embedded in International Projects. During design, technology choices are process driven using the economics of investment versus operational costs. Large and small activated sludge plants are designed in normal ranges from 500 KLD to 100 MLD and larger. These CAS installations can be designed for compliance with normal BOD – COD and Nutrient removal standards (Tot N = 15 & Tot P = 1). Also advanced techniques, with Membranes Bio Reactors are technologies, commonly used to deliver better effluent waters, are a common practice for Aquaplus nv.  The parental company has in this frame constructed plants in Belgium and China.

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