It’s a simple fact: if you have a combination boiler, you’ll be pouring water and money down the plughole every time you wait for your boiler to heat up. Whether you’re running a shower, rinsing the dishes or washing your hands, the plain truth is that all this wasted water is adding to your utility bills.

With 25% of an average household energy bill spent heating water (Energy Saving Trust), using less hot water (particularly while waiting for it to get to the right temperature) will save you money on your utility bills – even if you’re not on a water meter.

Tests and customer testimonials indicate CombiSmart can save around £100 every year if on a water meter, and around £35 a year if not. What’s more, if you’re boiler is running on pre-heat mode, then CombiSmart can save you around £80 a year.

CombiSmart is patented, WRAS approved and is being used by more than 70 Housing Associations and Local Authorities around the UK. If that’s not testament enough, we have letters from leading boiler manufacturers including Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and GlowWorm, stating that CombiSmart will not affect a boiler’s warranty (at minimum flow rate 3 litres per minute).

CombiSmart is suitable for most combi boilers.

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