Complete recirculating system

Sturgeon for sale

Adaptive mechanical filters

Biofilter reactors

Adaptive UV sterilization systems

Water processing units (oxygen enrichment, heating)

Oxygen enrichment systems, cones, oxygen generators

Biofilter media (700m2/m3 to1200m2/m3)

Intelligent feeding systems

Monitor and Control software

Triple fuzzy logic control system to avoid errors

Pumps and accessories (variable frequency drivers, single-phase, three-phase)

Filter mesh any profile 20, 40, 63, 100, 200, 400 micrometer



Laboratory analysis of complex modern chemistry, physical and microbiological water

On field Evaluation of groundwater quality  at a proposed farm location.

Evaluation of yearly thermal cycle at a proposed farm location.

Water sample collection from test well / bore.

Design and build of groundwater well and pumping facilities.

Complex lab analysis of water quality (physical, chemical, microbiology).

Design and build of fish hatcheries, Carp, Tench, Perch, Trout, Sturgeon.

Design and built of recirculating aquaculture farming units.

Design and build of aquaponic units.

Design and build of mechanical filters for recirculating systems.

Design and build of mechanical filters at farm input /output.

Design and build of bio vegetal  filter for waste water ponds.

Design and build of facilities for hosting of the farming units.

“Business plan” documentation.

Turnkey delivery of small, medium or large capacity fish farms  with recirculating systems.

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