BreezeLiner - Trenchless Pipe Reliner

BreezeLiner - Trenchless Pipe Reliner

BreezeLiner™ enables the fast and cost effective re-lining of waste-water ducts, at the same time installing fibre cable into the infrastructure.

The BreezeLiner™ solution uses a new and patented technique for pipe re-lining: LIPP (Laminate in Place Polymer), and offers a radical, lower cost, quicker to install and greener alternative to traditional Cured-in-Place Polymer (CIPP) systems using chemical resins with hot water, steam or UV curing.

How does it work?

BreezeLiner™ consists of multiple thermo-plastic polymer layers in concentric arrangement. This makes for a highly flexible structure that can be flat-packed: making storage and transportation easy. The flexibility of the material also means it can easily be pulled down a manhole and into a duct, negotiating any bends within a pipe.

Once BreezeLiner™ has been installed a special PIG (Pipe Inspection Gauge) travels through the pipe and fuses the interface between the laminate layers in-situ. This technique ensures a close fit to the duct wall even when the duct profile has become distorted. The use of dual-oriented polymer and alternative molecular alignments in successive laminate layers creates and exceptionally strong completed lining finish

What are the benefits?

BreezeLiner™ offers a number of advantages over other lining technologies.

  • Costs are reduced by 50% and installation is 300% faster than CIPP resin liner systems
  • No toxic resins or chemicals are used to create the liner in the pipe
  • No heat or UV curing is required
  • Thermo-plastic liner, requires no “setting time”
  • Can be installed quickly – typically up to 300metres per day
  • Can easily be removed and materials recycled
  • Can be installed in pipes ranging from 100mm (4”) to 1000mm(36”) diameter
  • Flexible when installed: allowing for slight physical movements that occur in a pipe system over time
  • Helps to resolve issue in areas of root ingress, water and silt ingress and effluent egress
  • Smooth inner-lining surface improves flow velocity by up to 30% and reduces surcharge level by 20%
  • Can increase the asset lifespan by at least 50 years
  • Allows installation of a fibre optic duct at the same time as re-lining the pipe
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