Asset Optimization - the economical, smart, R-Win way

Asset Optimization - the economical, smart, R-Win way

To offer better solutions, AGM has developed an add-on element: an original communication management unit to be installed at the remote field stations between the PLC and the communication transceiver (RF and/or cellular or other), empowering the distributed system, making each station smarter and having the dramatic impact the PC revolution had on the "dumb terminals" organizational environment in the 1980s.

This original product, called R-Win, enables smart, gradual and economical SCADA/DCS network optimization and upgrading.

Client benefits from AGM's asset optimization solutions, the R-Win way, include:

a) Communication resilience by lateral communication (MESH). Each remote pumping or monitoring station is able to carry out two-way, real-time communication with neighboring stations and the control center. Each station can serve as a wireless network router (bridge, S&F).

Each site (oil/water pumping station, oil rig, piping hub, etc.) can have both cellular and RF communication, dual SIM networks and remote configuration.

b) All stations can initiate communication; control center polling is not needed; local/regional autonomous control processes are a standard option.

c) Implementation of modern, high level data security.

d) Existing system equipment and applications, at SCADA center and remote stations, stay in place.

e) Internet access capability is an option for all stations under security limitations. Your server is the network manager; there is no need for third-party service except for your cellular communication provider.

f) Integration with Preventive Maintenance applications.

Innovative, economical Preventive Maintenance and main piplines Leak Detection solutions passed commercial pilots recently, joining AGM's smart, economical toolbox.

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