ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System

ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System

Bacteria colonize any structure (pipelines, tanks, machineries, ...) in contact with the water in a very short time, if appropriate countermeasures are not applied. The ALVIM real-time, on line, Biofilm Monitoring System is able to detect bacterial settlement since its first phases (down to 1% of surface covered by microorganisms) and, basing on these data, to manually or automatically adjust and optimize cleaning treatments / biocide treatments (in industrial water systems, cooling towers, pure water lines, etc.) allowing to check, at the same time, the efficacy of the cleaning.

biofilm detection

Among the advantages of the ALVIM technology:

  • early warning detection of bacterial biofilm growing on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, RO membranes, ...
  • while fouling sensors detect "generic deposit", ALVIM probes detect bacterial biofilm
  • optimization of cleaning and sanitation treatments (biocides, disinfectants, ...)
  • easy to install, easy to operate
  • virtually maintenance-free probe
  • real-time, continuous biofilm monitoring
  • high sensitivity
  • modular, scalable system

ALVIM Biofilm Sensors have been already used, with highly satisfactory results, in several industrial fields (cooling water systems, industrial water treatment, desalination, food processing, paper mills, etc), including large international companies.