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We are pleased to send you some informations about our company AGUASMART, which manufactures ecological drinking water units.


AGUASMART - - is doing water treatment with Renewable, Green and Free energy


We know many people living in isolated areas, rural locations, or on the seaside, do not have any energy to transfom “Bad water” in good water !!!

Reason why, our units produce their own energy with solar panels and/or  windmills.  Able to produce for a very Low-Cost Drinking Water (according WHO recommendations).


■ Treatment and storage equipment fitted inside standard  ISO containers, 

■ The use of green energies (photovoltaic and / or wind mill) providing energetic autonomy, 

■ A process of treatment very simple and adaptable to different types off water : sea water, brackish water and other kind of water, as ground water : drilling, river, well, etc....


See vidéo on our Web-site


 Our units are easy to operate, to maintain and to repair. We train people.

 Analyzes are necessary : see note on web-site


Water Unit : From 1 m3/day to 15 m3/day according to unit

Cost  of production : around  0,01€/liter


Options : 

Distribute of drinking water : 

-  through solar Born-foutain.

- Bottling lines all capacities

Ice Unit to produce 150 Kg to 450 Kg / day of Ice.

Industrial Ice unit : until 100 T / day


Unit for Bio-degardable agro-alimentary Bag of  0,33 L – 0,250 L - 0,55 L – 1 L . Other capacities for bottles, gallons, etc... 


Our systems are  for populations who need Low cost water and energy


Important Units runned by fossile energy  : production from 5 m3/hour to 10.000 m3/day.



Any further informations you could need, please let us know

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