“Water technology testing facilities” - Scottish Water, Development Centres

“Water technology testing facilities” - Scottish Water, Development Centres

We have created two Development Centres to provide users with unique access to our water and waste water assets to enable testing of pre-commercialised equipment on an operational scale.
 Users can test new processes, technologies and equipment under live conditions in a safe and dedicated environment to enhance the marketability of their products without risk to our operations.
Operated by our commercial subsidiary, Scottish Water Horizons, users can also benefit from our skilled operators and UKAS accredited sampling and analysis services.

Gorthleck Development Centre : Water

To support innovation in potable water treatment, we offer Gorthleck Development Centre, near Inverness.  Transformed from a membrane Water Treatment Works, the Centre benefits from a varied raw water quality, typical to that of many rural areas in Scotland.  
As the Centre is no longer connected to the distribution network, users have a unique opportunity to trial new equipment on full scale assets in a low risk environment.  The Centre also offers welfare facilities, a meeting room, on-site laboratory space and site security.

Bo'ness Development Centre : Waste Water

For innovation in waste water treatment, Scottish Water offers Bo’Ness Development Centre near Falkirk.  Created from a redundant building on the live Bo’Ness Waste Water Treatment Works, the Centre enables dynamic testing for waste water technologies.
The Centre can provide three individual feeds of waste water from different stages in the treatment process.  All discharges from the testing areas are entered back into the normal treatment process, offering a flexible and low risk testing environment.  There is also the provision for testing of new screening innovations at the inlet to the Treatment Works. 
The Centre offers a safe place to work in a dynamic environment, supported modern welfare facilities, a laboratory area and site security.

Access to our Facilities

Access to our Development Centres is coordinated with Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service (HNWiS), a Scottish Government appointed strategic service provider, which offers guidance on funding options, specialist support and development advice.
To find out how HNWiS can help you call 0300 013 2381, email hnwis@scotent.co.uk or visit www.hnwis.scot.

For further technical information relating to each of our sites contact Heather Campbell, Scottish Water Horizons, at swdevelopmentcentres@scottishwater.co.uk

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