WIP Renewable Energies

WIP Renewable Energies

WIP has been active in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors for over three decades, providing a range of services to both industrial and public sector clients at the international level. As part of many other activities, WIP has coordinated a number of RE-desalination projects like ProDes (IEE) www.prodes-project.org and ADU-RES (FP6) www.adu-res.org and participated as a key partner in the ADIRA (www.adira.gr) and the MEDIRAS projects (www.mediras.eu). WIP has also created a roadmap for the development of the RE-desalination sector and the European working group that follows-up the roadmap implementation and is currently coordinating REAPower (www.reapower.eu), an FP7 project that deals with an innovative concept that is very promising as energy recovery in RE desalination.

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