Water Recyclying

Water Recyclying

Water recycling and reuse has been done for thousands of years. As the demand for water grows, and supplies remain the same or diminish, it becomes more and more important to recycle water. Our goal is not only to recycle and reuse water that is being wasted every day, but also to save energy by reducing the great distances that water has to travel to get to you. In addition, as always, we want to educate people to encourage them to conserve water. The future of this planet is in our hands, and we have to develop more effective ways to accomodate the needs of a population that is likely to increase beyond what statisticians expect. The studies of wastewater treatment technology and the health implications of reusing water are still in an early stage. However, our research will keep pushing for a more sustaibale and cost-effective approach towards our long term goals. More info and research objectives will be posted.

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