Wageningen University and Research – Greenhouse Horticulture

Wageningen University and Research – Greenhouse Horticulture

Wageningen-UR Greenhouse Horticulture provides integrated solutions for a sustainable vegetable and ornamental production. It has a staff of about 85 people. Its expertise is used world-wide to develop customized production methods for farmers, growers and their suppliers that result in lower costs and/or higher quality. Its focus is on resource use efficiency and sustainable crop production, labour and water management. It undertakes a large number of national (HORTICULTURE WATERPROOF) as well international (f.i. European, WATERMAN, FLOW-AID, AQUATAG) projects at a total turn-over of 11 M€/year, averaged over the last years. Regarding irrigated agriculture it has a large network of contacts (universities, SME’s, governmental institutions, growers associations) in 20 countries world-wide, with focus on countries with emerging economies for horticulture mainly in Northern Europe, the  Mediterranean, Middle-East, Africa, South America and the far East (China, Malaysia, Indonesia). It runs an Innovation and Demonstration Centre Energy in Bleiswijk (NL) for testing and demonstration of innovations to all relevant stakeholders. On average, per year, it welcomes 1500-2000 visitors. In 2013 we opened the IDC Water for which we expect to have annually between 500-800 visitors the upcoming years.

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