Vrije universiteit Brussel - Dept. of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Vrije universiteit Brussel - Dept. of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

The Department of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering has since its start pursued a strong interest in numerical simulation techniques and computer applications. This resulted in an expertise in development and use of hydrological modelling techniques. In the development, application and visualisation of these models and their results, GIS and remote sensing is implemented. Many research projects on Flemish, Belgian and European level have been executed with financing from Flemish, Belgian and EU scientific programmes, as well as directly from administrations and industry. The research activities are focused on development, calibration and validation of modelling techniques for:

  • Simulation and forecasting of the hydrological processes on a river basin scale;
  • Simulation and analysis of processes controlling runoff and quality of surface water;
  • Hydrodynamics and sediment transport as well as lithologic and geomorphologic evolution in aquatic environment;
  • Assessment of quantity and quality of groundwater flow and regional groundwater reservoirs;
  • Techniques to forecast and improve integrated water management practices on a regional scale;
  • Research on ecohydrology to quantify interactive processes between water and the environment, strongly linked with GIS and remote sensing techniques
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  • 501 - 2000

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