Vienna University of Economics and Business

Vienna University of Economics and Business

The research group “Sustainable Resource Use” at the Institute for the Environment and Regional Development at Vienna University of Business and Economics is one of the leading European groups in the areas of natural resource indicators, modelling and assessments, with a strong focus on material, land and water use and efficiency. The group maintains one of the biggest material flow databases world-wide ( Members of the group have published a larger number of studies on European and global material flows and efficiency and have been directly involved in the elaboration of a set of indicators and related targets in the context of EU’s Resource Efficiency Roadmap. The group has been involved in major FP6 and FP7 projects on global environmental accounting and resource use indicators, focusing its work on material and water use (EXIOPOL, OPEN:EU, CREEA, DESIRE) where they developed and tested multi-regional input-output (MRIO) models for calculating consumption-based resource use indicators.

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