Verdygo literally means: ‘Go Green’ and stands for a sustainable future for society. Verdygo is an open innovation developed by the ‘Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, daughter of two water boards from Limburg, the Netherlands. The concept of Verdygo can be called an innovation without a doubt. It is a technical development in the area of water treatment that can help society in treating water; it can easily be adapted to different conditions. 

A ‘Verdygo’ is a wastewater treatment plant. It's a modular and sustainable platform. Verdygo is a renewal in terms of wastewater treatment in many ways: the concept of Verdygo has been awarded (European Innovation Prize 2013) and it has been adopted as an Action Group in the European Innovation Partnership (EIP). This enholds that Verdygo can use its power to help others, to get help from others and is able to contribute to a sustainable future worldwide. 

The power of a Verdygo is caught in the modular building form and the underlying design philosophy containing many replaceable pieces. The design philosophy enables Verdygo to respond to the ever-changing circumstances such as: variable composition of population, climate change, drained rain water and the input of energy remainders of surrounding companies. In contrary to existing wastewater treatment plants, which are build underground, the Verdygo installations are build on the surface. In addition all the supplements are transportable over the main roads. 

The construction time of a Verdygo is just six to twelve months instead of the two to three years it would take to build and make a traditional plant function. The net investment and exploitation costs of the Verdygo installations are approximately 25% lower than for the traditional plants. This worldwide innovative concept will be constructed in 2014 for the first time in the world. The first building location will be Limburg, The Netherlands. 

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