University of Basilicata - Department of Sciences

University of Basilicata - Department of Sciences

The University of Basilicata (UBAS) was founded since 1981, and started its academic activities since 1982. It is a small but dynamic academic organization having both scientific and arts vocation. It is located in Potenza and in Matera (Basilicata Region – Italy). UBAS manages 4 Faculties: Agricultural Sciences (1 Department, 3 Bachelor Degrees, 4 Master Degrees and 1 PhD Programme), Engineering (2 Departments, 5 Bachelor Degrees, 5 Master Degrees and 3 PhD Programmes), Humanities (1 Department, 3 Bachelor Degrees, 3 Master Degrees and 2 PhD Programmes), Sciences (2 Departments, 5 Bachelor Degrees, 4 Master Degrees and 4 PhD Programmes). The educational and scientific activities of UBAS have been conceived in order to meet both the needs of a region with much cultural and environmental potential and to push forward its internationalisation process. The Faculties of UBAS are all engaged in preserving and stimulating the cultural, economic and environmental heritage of the Region while simultaneously looking at excellence in research and education. Enrolled more than 9.000 students (including Ph.D students); 520 units teaching staff; 290 units administrative staff. The Department of Science manages Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Geology Degrees.

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