Universidade de Évora

Universidade de Évora

The University of Évora it is organized in schools: Arts, Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Health. The University offers 33 undergraduate and 41 postgraduate degrees.

Research and Development (R&D) is organized in several areas through a network of 14 Research Units all of them submitted to international evaluation and under the global coordination of Institute for Research and Advanced Education. The main goal is to aim all R&D efforts to look forward to direct appliance in the society contributing to its sustainability. For that, research activities are managed on a multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental basis or around specific programs and projects, in order to take advantage of the synergies and articulations between different areas.

The main R&D areas are: Agronomy and Biodiversity; Geophysics, Environment and Landscaping; Materials and Surface Science; Economics and Management; Computer Sciences and Software Interoperability; Social and Political Sciences, History, History of Art, Science and Cultures; Applied Mathematics; Education; Literature; Elderly Healthcare

Among over 250 running R&D projects, most are developed within international and national partnerships, by financial programs like 7ht Framework Program, Social European Fund and National Science Foundation as also private sponsorship.

Above the mentioned the University of Evora has two Chairs in excellence areas, biodiversity and Renewable Energies sponsored by private enterprises.  

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