Technical university of Denmark, Department of Environmental Engineering

Technical university of Denmark, Department of Environmental Engineering

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the largest engineering education unit in Scandinavia, with a strong international profile. DTU Environment (DTU Env) is one of the largest university departments specializing in environmental engineering in Europe. Research is conducted by international staff consisting of 25 faculty members, approximately 20 post-doctoral fellows, 10 visiting foreign scientists and 75 Ph.D. students from more than 20 different countries. The total annual turnover for DTU Env is 13 million Euros with about 50% from external funding.

The department is aiming at developing technical and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of society on the environment through research and teaching in water supply, groundwater contamination, risk assessment, remediation of water resources, drinking water treatment, waste water, solid waste, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, microbiology and bioenergy at an international level. At DTU Env the diverse mixture of academics from different disciplines reflects the demand for an interdisciplinary approach to survey and solve complicated environmental problems. The department has state-of-the-art chemical and biological laboratories, as well as up-to-date computer facilities. In addition a number of research field sites is operated.


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