Sistemas y Control del Mediterráneo s.l.

Sistemas y Control del Mediterráneo s.l.

Syscomed s.l is a spanish SME which:


Implement technological innovations to achieve greater control over the infrastructure and operation of major environmental, hydrological and industrial.


Through the domain of communications systems, experience in implementing automation systems and instrumentation of the best manufacturers in the market, a long track record in implementing systems of control and exploitation, and the ability to innovate, we were able to deploy systems of great complexity and ensure the ultimate success of the project.


All this would not be possible without the support of a system of quality management, to ensure that the processes undertaken for the implementation of control systems, remote control and management of the farm. Syscomed are certified in ISO 9001:2008 and 14.001:2004 in “Telecommunication Project Design. Design and installation of telematics means SCADA and automation software”


We are able, through collaboration with universities and technology centers to develop innovative technology solutions to meet the needs and problems arising from such facilities and Remote Remote, all complemented the monitoring of the innovations made by manufacturers increased prestige and the continuous training of our technicians, allow us to be on top of technology.


Our technical team is capable of designing and writing projects which involve multiple disciplines such as civil engineering, telecommunications, auto and instrumentation, electricity, offering a turnkey solution to many of the projects remotely and Remote civil engineering environmental, industrial and automation of irrigation on large farms.

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