Water enriches our life’s and is something that is needed for all sectors of the economy. However, the water that we use is source in rivers and body’s of water and have to be pumped throw large distances until it reaches the final consumer. Globally, 35% of the total expenses with water production (€14 billion) are being spent on energy just to transport water. Therefore, worldwide water service providers are seeing the needs for implementing smart water managing solutions, to increase water security, improving decision making in daily operation, reduce costs and become more sustainable.

SCUBIC is a data-driven smart energy management solution to improve the daily operation of water networks in the water-energy nexus. SCUBIC gathers all the data from sensors scatter all over the network and together with meteorology data and artificial intelligent algorithms to, in a daily basis, predict the water demand for the next 24h. This information is then computed to find the most cost-effective scheduling scenario to only pump the right amount of water needed, while saving energy, reducing costs and increase water security.

SCUBIC gathers data from sensors scatter all over the water network and with artificial intelligent find the most cost-effective scheduling for pumping operations.

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