rqmicro Ltd - rapid quantitative microbiology

rqmicro Ltd - rapid quantitative microbiology

rqmicro Ltd, Zürich (Switzerland) – rapid quantitative microbiology  - www.rqmicro.com

rqmicro AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, develops and markets proprietary reagents and innovative instruments for microbial tests in water and food. The vision of rqmicro is to protect consumers worldwide from microbiologically contaminated water and food. An important step towards this objective is the rapid and reliable detection of pathogens. The interdisciplinary team at rqmicro develops ultrafast and highly specific microbiological test methods based on immunomagnetic separation, microfluidics and flow cytometry. With rqmicro products, customers in the water and food industry benefit from significant financial advantages while making the world a safer place.

Redefining Legionella Water Safety

Using rqmicro’s technology, water labs isolate Legionella bacteria from water samples in just 30 minutes. The automated and highly specific method is based on immunomagnetic separation and microfluidics. Leaving the cells intact, water labs then analyze the samples using flow cytometry, ISO plating or PCR. Results correlate to the plating method with higher sensitivity and minimal standard deviation. Advantages are the removal of competing flora for improved ISO plating, elimination of inhibitory compounds for PCR. Water labs already benefit from the reagents and kits to detect Legionella pneumophila SG1 with a flow cytometer within 1-2 hours instead of 12 - 14 days using the standard plating method.

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