REDINN - Rete Europea dell'Innovazione

REDINN - Rete Europea dell'Innovazione

REDINN is a European consulting company specializing in Innovation Consulting, Management Innovation and Innovation Strategy and hands-on management of commercialization for a portfolio of researchers located in Italy and Europe. REDINN works in partnership with clients to achieve outstanding sustainable results and implement winning innovation strategies. REDINN has extensive collaboration with EU projects in R&D field and in implementation of EU-scale projects and networks.

Among the main focuses of past and on going REDINN’s projects there are energy and water, which have been at the centre of one particularly successful EU funded business design. WELL, Water and Energy for Life in Libya, is a project born in the Seventh Framework Programme and is now entering its final stages. Its aim has been to support the General Water Authority in Libya in the development of an excellence and reference centre for energy and water management not only in the country, but in general in all the Mediterranean area. As sole on going European funded project in Libya, it has shown great potential during these two years and is making REDINN develop credibility and a big network in the over mentioned region, together with enhancing its expertise in the field of energy.

The energy, water and health sectors have seen REDINN particularly active in other projects such as NMP-DeLA, Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies Deployment in Latin American Countries. The NMP-DeLA project brings together partners and experts from across Latin America and Europe to  develop a series of activities between the two regions, aiming to strengthen the local research and training potential, as means to achieve the goal of deployment of advanced and enabling technologies in areas of major social challenge in Latin America: energy, water and health. The project not only put together the main areas of REDINN expertise, but it has also broaden the geographical focus of our consultancy company.

Besides having extensively dealt with the working area at stake here, the added value that REDINN would be able to bring to your consortium is the EXPO Milan 2015. We have been studying this event for many years because the themes of Water, Food and Energy and their universality are something we want to keep developing in the following years. EXPO, in fact, will be a great showcase lasting 6 months. It will bring the whole scientific world to deal with the over mentioned themes. In this occasion, REDINN can be a fundamental partner for all the dissemination activities related to the EXPO event, thanks to its long lasting experience dealing with the communication strategies of past and on going projects.

With offices in Brussels and Rome and a network of partner companies over the EU-countries, REDINN operates on many levels (Technology Audit, IPR, Technology Transfer, startup and SME acceleration). The services it offers are legibility assessment for Innovative products and process, the creative development of international and EU funding roadmaps, project ideas, project definition, planning, structuring and design, preparation of funding proposals. REDINN has been active in FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects. The main activities are focused on three main areas of expertise:

1. Innovation policies and RTD studies

2. Project management for Innovation and RTD related projects

3. Consultancy services.

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