PROMEDIO, Environmental Management Consortium of the Provincial Government of Badajoz, created in order to implement strategic planning in the mid/long-term for contributing to sustainable development of the province, giving high-quality response to immediate and future environmental needs.

PROMEDIO provides its services to towns under 20,000 inhabitants, which means the 93% of the towns in the area, with a total population of 372,000, more than the 50% of the provincial total, on an area, and here is the challenge, of 21,766 km2. Therefore, PROMEDIO is created with the aim of establishing itself as a municipal manager of those services concerning the environment, both urban and rural, with emphasis on those activities related both to the Integrated Water Cycle (collection, purification, distribution and Wastewater Treatment) and with the complete cycle of collection and transportation of all types of waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from all of its members.

PROMEDIO serves 176 local entities in the province of Badajoz, in 3 different areas:

- Special Services: collection of worn out furniture, electrical appliances and other household items or spent batteries, as well as dumpster washing or removing of blockages in public pipes.

- Municipal solid waste (MSW) management: since 2010 we manage the MSW collection (daily collecting of organic garbage and weekly collecting of used paper) and treatment in the province of Badajoz. The system is based on a intermunicipal model: all municipalities share dustcarts, fuel cost, staff... and every user pays the same for the service, without considering where they live. Last year PROMEDIO collected over 1 ton of used packaging and 2 tons of used paper in 75 municipalities, with a total population of 160,000.

- Integral Water Cycle (IWC) management: this service includes Drinking Water Supply and the Sewage Control Department, which was established in 2007 and currently it manages a total of 50 Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and 9 Waterpumping Stations, which provide services to around fifty municipalities of the region and a total population of 180.000.

Regarding the Drinking Water Supply department, we manage 7 Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP), almost 80.000 inhabitants get clean water treated by PROMEDIO in 28 towns.

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