Polygon of Innovations

Polygon of Innovations

The public entity "Polygon of Innovations" (VšĮ "Inovacijų Poligonas") was founded at 2008, as non-profit, non-governmental institution.

Our small, but smart team create innovative projects and try to find an effective ways to implement them in different regions. Over the past couple years we have organized the fairs of ideas "Innovative people Without Borders" in France, Belgium, and Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well Lithuania.

At the moment we try to implement  FLOW WATER  project, which should be an effective "Public Relation - Educational Machine" for Water. By realizing this idea we will try convincingly  show how serious is situation with clean drinking water as well water pollution around the world and in Europe particulary. At the same time FLOW WATER actions will invite and encourage people in different countries to take their personal efforts for changing this situation.

In addition, with Fine Living On & With Water we will show wide possibilities to combine water and housing in a  way that water isn’t a threat anymore but a challenge and also a great commercial opportunity. And prove it could be absolutely friendly to the nature.

We hope to attract attention of EIP WATER Action Groups and other organizations, companies, communities as well individuals to join FLOW WATER. The first stage should be the promotional trip along European sea coastline, covering 14000km at May-August 2014. Open Innovation and Beneficial Partnership for All (win win) is the core principle of ours activity :)



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