Polibienestar Research Institute

Polibienestar Research Institute

Polibienestar (www.polibienestar.org) is a Public Research Institute belonging to the University of Valencia (Spain). It is specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the field of public policies. Its final mission is the improvement of the Welfare and Quality of Life of society. It is composed by an interdisciplinary team with 17 senior and 6 junior researchers with national and European experience from the departments of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Didactics and School Organisation; Educational Sciences; Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment; Applied Economics; Marketing; Labour and Social Security Law; Commercial Law; Social Work and Social Services; Sociology and Social Anthropology, from the Universities of Valencia, Castilla-León, Murcia and Castellón.

Polibienestar develops interdisciplinary research applied in social sciences. This interdisciplinary perspective is necessary to respond to the complexity of welfare systems and allows Polibienestar to develop, from innovative and classic research, effective analysis and solutions for new social challenges. In this line, Polibienestar advises the Administration and private entities in the design, planning and implementation of social welfare policies and services. Moreover, Polibienestar has participated and coordinated regional, national and European projects funded by the regional programme for research groups of excellence Prometeo; the Spanish Ministries, as the Ministry of Science and Education under different plans and programmes (CENIT programme, Innfluye programme) and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade; and European programmes like the 6th and 7th Framework Programme (FP6-2005-SSP-5º-044359, FP7-2008-HEALTH-223037, FP7-2012-SSH.2012.1.3-2-320121), the AAL Programme (AAL-2010-3-041), the Daphne III Programme (JLS/2012/DAP/AG/3086; JUST/2010/DAP3/AG/1059-30; JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1275), the Progress Programme (VP/2010/007/0129), the ENPI CBCMED (Nº3/156) and the Youth in Action Programme (2010-51016/00/-001 YT7 PDPA7).

In the field of water, Polibienestar tries to involve end-users and include social aspects in the policies design, energy/water savings and innovative solutions. In this sense, Polibienestar’s team promotes a responsible consume of population trough awareness campaigns and training, especially in vulnerable groups. Also, Polibienestar tries to promote the health benefits related to thermal treatments at the same time using them as a mean of regional tourism promotion. For supporting this last aspect, Polibienestar leads the Spanish Technological Platform of Tourism (Thinktur) which aggregate more than 940 entities of the tourism sector.

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