Plasticos Hidrosolubles, S.L. is a Spanish private company incorporated in 2003 and located in Rafelbuñol, Valencia (Spain). CDTI (Spanish Technological & Industrial Development Centre) and IVF (Valencia Institute of Finance) gave financial support to the company and the partners for the initial investment.

The focused its research, production abilities and expertise in the production of plasticized polyvinyl alcohol, formulation, compound production and pellets manufacturing. This product can be transformed into film, bags, pieces using classical blowing, injection-blowing and injection moulding. For the time being is the only Spanish company with such expertise and one of the few across EU member states.

The products obtained are characterized as non-toxic (UNE-EN-ISO 7346 and 6341, biodegradable (UNE-EN-ISO 14852), water soluble at different temperatures (5 to 70 ºC). Compost ability has been tested with positive results for some of the formulations (UNE-EN-ISO 13432). Biodegradability and Compost-ability on soil testing is being conducted under ISO 17556 by the University of Vienna.

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