Picosun (www.picosun.com) is an international equipment manufacturing company with a world-wide sales and service organization. It develops and manufactures Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) reactors for micro- and nanotechnology applications. Picosun provides its customers with user-friendly, reliable and productive ALD process tools, which offer unique scalability from research to production. Picosun is based in Espoo, Finland and has its US headquarters in Detroit.
The ALD process is vacuum deposition process of oxides, nitrides and metals on conformal (3D) surfaces, in which selected number of layers are generated one by one, e.g. 1Å to 100nm. In the ALD deposition process, the reactive gasses go into every pore of the material, thus the method is used to cover very high aspect ratio vias (holes) in semiconductor industry, protect inner walls of micro-fluidic channels and ink-jets, coat membranes and fibers (e.g. fabric-fibers) without blocking them.
Picosun develops its processes and batch & roll-to-roll equipment in various applications. Therefore significant participation to international R&D project is significant part of its business.
Picosun has expertise in ALD since the invention of the method in 1974 by Picosun Board Member Dr. Tuomo Suntola and start of the development of ALD systems in 1975 by Picosun CTO Sven Lindfors. Picosun concentrates solely on the development and manufacture of high-quality ALD equipment which are scalable from research to production. Picosun’s reliable and user-friendly ALD reactors are widely used in leading research institutes and companies across the world. Due to the surface-controlled growth mechanism of ALD and Picosun’s unique reactor design thin films are reproducibly deposited on various surfaces resulting in very uniform and conformal films which can be used in many kinds of applications, such as micro- and nanoelectronics, where they are used in production on three continents. Continuous R&D of ALD equipment and ALD process development is a very important part of Picosun’s activity.

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