Petra Green Community Enterprise

Petra Green Community Enterprise

The problem of the water sector is still one of the most problems in Jordan, where jordan is classified as one of the five poorest countries in the world. Petra Green Community Enterprise "PetraGCE" was established after years of research and effort aimed at finding the ideal solutions to water issues in arid regions. Many aspects of water treatment were thoroughly researched by Jordanian professionals, including nanotechnologies in water treatment, development operations of household water treatment systems, and how to find efficient and sustainable alternatives to minimize the water waste. The pinnacle of these efforts was finding a method for completely eliminating water waste in household water treatment systems operating by reverse osmosis by %100. According to the study of the Deanship of Scientific Research at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, this innovative system will stop the waste of 18.2 million cubic meters per year of water. we obtained patents in Arab countries as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2013 certificates for home water treatment systems with reverse osmosis system without waste now we looking to build our green factory that will be friendly with the environment

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