NoveTech,s.r.o., the slovak company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the  water purification, water treatment, wastewater treatment and minimization of sewage sludge sectors.

We have a serious interest in cooperation in the implementation (joint commercialization) of highly innovative technologies  areas disinfection, desalination and chemical contaminant removal water purification, water treatment, wastewater treatment and minimization of sewage sludge(two solutions in one technology).
The initial development of technology, was aimed at military use, hence the uniqueness and innovativeness of this technology in several areas.
I would like to present innovative technological solutions for water treatment in municipal and industrial sectors, and minimizing sludge from sewage treatment plants. It is well known that increasingly faced with the problem of efficient waste water treatment because existing solutions are often energy intensive, require large surface area (horizontal structure) for processing sludge. Settlements are a major problem for the environment, including heavy metals and other residues. It is really energy-intensive to deal with this problem. However, all these conventional methods have serious drawbacks, namely too low degree of mineralization of hazardous organic substances contained in it (25-30%), high minimum power consumption, the use of expensive reagents, most of these processes give explosive gases, hydrogen sulfide and other by-products when burned, it releases dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans. Only safe solution to the problem of water treatment in municipal and industrial sectors, and minimizing the sludge from the sewage treatment plant is the method of Cavitation low frequency.
Team of experts worked long on the development with that, there were made correct tests in laboratory conditions. On this basis, with certainty and conviction we can say that the technology is functional and utmost ready for commercialization. Our problem is not the functionality of technology, it is really not the issue, but financial resources for the implementation of the pilot project, because we are a reputable small company that has so far only dealt with research and development, making us enough already financially burdened and without the accession of financial partner would delay placing on the market. For this purpose, we are looking for serious financial partner with whom we can work together to build the first plant of commercial format and with whom we would obviously like to continue long-term cooperation to further commercialization outside the European Union. Indeed, this is a revolutionary technical solution as compared to previously used materials. This technology could rapidly and radically change the overall situation in the market and significantly affect the use of existing technological solutions.
Company NOVETECH  s.r.o. , offers the possibility of partnership in the implementation of highly innovative technologies  drinking water treatment – also desalination, waste water treatment  in industrial and municipal.
The great advantage of this technology is the ability to link to existing treatment plant to increase the capacity. In the context of demographic development, there are higher requirements to increase capacity, but the problem is the lack of area for expansion. Here is one of the possibilities for our technology.
Due to the unique vertical structure we can execute the construction in a relatively short time, 6-8 months, depending on the capacity and fully guarantee its workability and compliance indicators declared on entry and exit. The power consumption is actually a very low level from 0.3 to 0.4 kW / m3 - approx. € 0.08 / m3, which is 40 -50% less consumption compared to standard technology, if we start from the capacity of 500 m3 / day. Paradoxically on this technology is that with the increasing capacity decreases energy consumption to somewhere on the level of 0.15 kW / m3. Specific details can be seen in survey table in Annex mail. Regarding the operating costs in cleaning process do not enter any other materials, additives, and it is only the cost of electricity. Mention should be just routine maintenance of pumps that are of simple design and easy to maintain and repair. You'll notice the information about the minimum requirement for area, high cleaning efficiency well below the strict EU standards, a wide range of applications. The great advantage of this technology is the ability to link to existing treatment plant to increase the capacity.
Interesting information for you may be the possibility of mobile solution in the truck with the possibility of use in emergency situations within crisis management of the area and the state. We think it is a good opportunity for us to enter the market with this unique technological solution in view of the global situation and limitations in this area. If you are interested in our offer, we will gladly build a serious and long-term cooperation with you. We are convinced that the pilot project will kick off a great interest in this technology and in the long term can be a leader in this sector. Thanks in advance for any questions.
More information in the following text and annexes.
I wish you all the best and look forward to possible cooperation.

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