National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection

National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection

The National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection – INCDPM is an independent entity for research and development, coordinated by the Ministry of Education. The specific goals of INCDPM activities are:

  • Participation to international research projects. Achievement of this goal has complex results, significant for Institute development: increasing employees competencies in miscellaneous domains; creating international research networks; financial stability; providing training for young researchers.
  • Participation to national research projects. Finding the best solutions and substantiating them in order to prevent the environmental issues which the autochthon society is facing with. Creating new innovative technologies and solutions which being patented, increasing this way, the prestige of the Institute and of the Romanian research.
  • Scientific publications. Taking into consideration the severe criteria for evaluating the research activity, INCDPM must consider the constant publishing of research results through valuable publications. Also, in order to assure the transparency principle it is considered the publishing of the significant results on its institutes’ websites (,,
  • Reaching an high level in areas of interest for the economic environment and for the society. This strategic goal is considering INCDPM to be the key institution in environment protection research domains, ensuring the economic and scientific stability of the Institute.
  • Development of collaboration relations with other companies having similar profile and with the customers. The Institute is registering itself into national and international research networks, considering the participation to the specific professional flows; also, there is considered to maintain and to develop the relations with the customers.
  • Promoting of professional competencies, especially of the young researchers. The consistent development of INCDPM on medium and long term is highly depending on promoting of young people and of valuable experts, and the strategy of the Institute is to constantly support their activity.
  • INCDPM will may exploit the research results by creating of start-ups and spin-offs


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