MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute

MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute

~~The MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute is located in northern Israel. The institute faculty includes 65 scientists (Ph.D. degree) among 190 employees.
MIGAL's scientists are involved in Biotechnology (~55%), Environmental Sciences (~10%) and Agriculture (~35%).The scientists are publishing in prestigious peer reviewed journals. MIGAL's laboratories deal with chemistry and microbiology analyses for the research scientists and also provide services to local industry, agriculture and municipalities.  MIGAL’s researchers are involved in European projects such as FP5, FP6; FP7; ENPI. These days we participate in a European project that deals with source separation of municipal wastes, and composting of the organic ingredients

The MIGAL institute is heading the galilee water cluster that includes research institutes, public orgenzations and industry.

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