mares costruzioni e progetti impianti tecnologici srl

mares costruzioni e progetti impianti tecnologici srl

Mares was founded in 1989 as a production company for plumbing and material assistance to the workings of the site.
In 1992, thanks to the trade of the founder, Mr. Vincent Smorra , Mares , increasing the turnover and specializes in the design and construction of valves and systems for conducting fluids.
In addition, the Mares Construction to improve the production of their devices and expand its market has been the Falma . The company ' Falma was founded by Mares and construction projects Ltd. and society ' Polish Fal Lipiany , to allow penetration of the markets of Eastern Europe.
Since 1995, the partners decided to stimulate the emergence of other companies, in particular, in the engineering division LTD and the CSPA Srl , in that the commercial Idrofluid .
In 2005 , in the embodiment , the Mares acquires the business of INFA Srl and thanks to this it was possible to obtain a certificate for the first category OS19 SOA , SOA now has a certificate OG6 category II.
In 2005, the Company together with the SIF is Mares SpA and Ilesa S.p.A. Consorzio Stabile SIM , specializing in the works in Microtunnelling , of which it owns 10%.

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