MAGNETO special anodes

MAGNETO special anodes

We are an independent company, specialising in the development, manufacture and sales of anodes for the electrochemical industry. The design, production and refurbishment of electrochlorination cells for seawater electrolysis are also part of our product portfolio.

MAGNETO special anodes B.V. is the inventor and original manufacturer of inert Titanium based anodes with an active precious metal coating. During several decades we have gained lots of experience which we use every day to realise the optimal anode for each individual application.

A very large variety of anodes for applications in almost every possible electrochemical systems and processes are being designed, produced and supplied by us. Amongst others, our anodes are used for:

  • Systems for cathodic protection
  • The production of chlorine and hypo chlorite
  • Electroplating including electro zincplating and tinplating
  • Separation processes and metal-winning processes and water purification processes
  • Electro synthesis
  • The production of hydrogen
  • Bioelectrochemical systems (BES)
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