LEQUIA - Universitat de Girona

LEQUIA - Universitat de Girona

The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Girona (LEQUIA) is a research group founded in 1992 and devoted to the development of eco-innovative water solutions. LEQUIA is a part of the UdG’s Institute of the Environment (IMA), a “consolidated research group” recognised by the Catalan Government, and a member of TECNIO, the network that brings together leading experts in applied research and technology transfer in Catalonia. At present, LEQUIA has a team of 37 people: 7 fulltime professors: 8 postdoctoral researchers, 1 senior predoctoral researcher, 18 PhD students, 2 project managers and 2 laboratory technicians. LEQUIA projects (both European and national funded) are multidisciplinary and involve environmental scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers and computer scientists. UdG is part of the Euro-Mediterranean Campus of International Excellence on Water and Tourism “e-MTA”.

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