Leader of the Environmental Technologies research group

Leader of the Environmental Technologies research group

The Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) is a non-profit organization located on the Gambelas campus of the University of Algarve and


dedicated to R&D in the Marine Sciences.


On the basis of international evaluation and excellence ranking it was awarded the status of Associate Laboratory together with


CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research).


It has 265 people on its staff, 113 of which hold a PhD degree.


The molecular biology, genetics, endocrinology, biophysics, environment, organic and medicinal chemistry and ecology of marine organisms,


populations and ecosystems have been the focus of CCMAR scientists in the last five years. These R&D and training activities have


been applied to the development of aquaculture, biotechnology and environmental technologies for the study and management of


marine resources and ecosystems.


In this 5-year period, the main funding sources have been the Foundation for Science and Technology, the European Commission,


FEDER, the Innovation Agency, S.A. and the US National Science Foundation, generating 580 peer-reviewed papers in SCI-indexed




CCMAR has played an active role in the dissemination of marine sciences and best practices in schools as well as fish- and shellfishdependent


local communities with more than 200 seminars, workshops, meetings and courses as well as participation in science and


R&D fairs.




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