KUTTA//Sala%%% Bills Vs Ravens Live Online Tv Tv Tv Tv Game as it televising here now

KUTTA//Sala%%% Bills Vs Ravens Live Online Tv Tv Tv Tv Game as it televising here now

KUTTA//Sala%%% Bills Vs Ravens Live Online Tv Tv Tv Tv Game as it televising here now

e Buffalo Bills seem to be on the right track under head coach Rex Ryan, though coaching in the AFC East is one of the tallest tasks in the league. That's because Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots reign supreme, even when the New York Jets and other teams have been decent here and there. It won't be enough to be decent this season -- the Bills need to take the next step if they're going to compete with the Patriots.






On Sunday, they will get their season started on the road against the Baltimore Ravens, the former team of Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor was a dark horse candidate in the Bills' quarterback battle last year, but it became clear pretty quickly that he was the best man for the job. In his first year as a starter, Taylor played well for the Bills and ended up earning a contract extension this offseason.

For the Ravens, quarterback Joe Flacco will be playing his first regular season game since sustaining a season-ending knee injury last November. Flacco and the Ravens struggled last season, but what little hope they had was crushed when Flacco went down with injury. Now it's a chance to start fresh, and with all three AFC North teams looking strong, they'll need to beat the teams they're expected to beat.

Are the Bills one of those teams they're expected to beat? Let's ask the experts.

Over at CBS Sports, five of the eight experts think the Ravens will beat the Bills, leaving just three picking Buffalo. The ESPN panel is somewhat divided, but the majority is siding with the home team.

Here at SB Nation, of the nine experts picking, seven think the Ravens will win it.

ew experts think the Ravens will punch a playoff ticket, but a large majority of them think they’ll start the season with a victory.

The folks at The Baltimore Sun scoured the web for playoff and division predictions, and of nearly 60 “expert” projections, not a single one believes the Ravens will win the AFC North. Only four predicted the Ravens to advance to the postseason via the wild card.

Remember when the Ravens were predicted to advance to the Super Bowl last year? That should tell you how much stock to put in season predictions (but we all love to look at them anyway).

I looked around the web for more specific Ravens-Bills picks, and 34 of 43 analysts (79 percent) believe the Ravens will take down the Rex Ryan, Tyrod Taylor and Ed Reed-led Bills. Take a look 




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