ISRIM - Istituto Superiore di Ricerca e Formazione sui Materiali per le tecnologie avanzate

ISRIM - Istituto Superiore di Ricerca e Formazione sui Materiali per le tecnologie avanzate

<p>ISRIM is an advanced not-for-profit institute of research and training on materials and environment that operates on: R&amp;D and specialized training; advanced customer service and technical assistance to private firms and local organisations. ISRIM is provided with scientific and technological laboratories that cover a surface of about 8,000 m2, containing equipment and facilities. The main activities in the environmental field concern: treatment of wastewater from industrial and agricultural processes; soil and water bioremediation; biotechnologies for environmental monitoring; biological, chemical and physical analysis on environmental matrices (water, air and soil); process engineering, training on environmental issue, innovation and technology transfer. ISRIM actively participate to the Regional Centres of Innovation in environment, material and energy. ISRIM has been involved in more than 10 FP6 and FP7 projects. Since 2004, ISRIM has been playing the role of Coordinator in the following EU projects: LIFE 04ENV/IT/409 (2004-2007); LIFE 06ENV/IT/235 “A new automated method for the analysis of Escherichia coli in wastewater effluent” (2006-2009); LIFE07INF/IT/438 “European awareness raising campaign for an environmentally sustainable olive mill waste management” (2009-2011); EUREKA project IT-IL R&amp;D Cooperation Program ”Integrated technology for olive mill wastewater reuse and reclamation (2009-2010); LIFE10 ENV/IT/308 From Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant to Self sustainable Integrated Platform for Wastewater Refinement (2012-2015). Currently, ISRIM is involved as partner in the FP7 EU Research Project n. 228421 “INFRAVEC (Lead partner: Imperial College of London), providing experience in managing innovative structures, such as a mosquito confined release facility. In 2010 ISRIM received the award for the best LIFE project for KOLISOON. National and international publications, two European Patents EP-1216963 “Process of olive mill waste water phytodepuration and relative plant”; EP-1649043 “Method for the detection of coliforms and in particular Escherichia coli” and a wide expertise in teaching in national and international courses ensure the technical competence of ISRIM in the environmental sector.</p>

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