Impulso Industrial Alternativo

Impulso Industrial Alternativo

IMPULSO GROUP is a group of companies providing multi-disciplinary, professional services focused on consulting, engineering, and architecture.
Impulso boasts ample experience and know-how resulting from more than 30 years of operation in strategic and technical consulting, and technical assistance to governments in the implementation of their policies.
IMPULSO currently has offices located in Kenya, Angola, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Spain (headquarter), Peru, Nicaragua and Colombia. Since 2007 the Group has been undergoing international expansion, with plans to keep on opening new offices worldwide.

Impulso’s 2012 turnover exceeded 12 million dollars. Indeed, the company is currently undergoing a new phase of solid growth, thanks to the trust extended by more than 500 clients worldwide, including prestigious companies and Governments throughout more than 10 countries located across four continents.

Impulso offers comprehensive technical assistance for operations in:
• Public sector: Comprehensive technical assistance for National and Regional Governments to develop their policies and monitor regional progress, as well as strategic and technical consulting. Impulso also has a high number of recurring clients trusting in their services in a wide number of different countries.
• Private sector: Strategic consulting (market studies, investment studies, , financing systems, amortization studies, surveys), technical consulting (product development, exports strategies, energy auditing, high-efficiency electrical, hydraulic and mechanical infrastructure projects, advising for applying energy-saving measures, engineering and site management projects in general, etc.), production centres, industrial plants, urban development projects, tourist, residential and leisure facilities, and others.

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