IMIEU (Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation)

IMIEU (Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation)

The Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation, or IMI, is an independent Brussels-based think tank with an international work field in Europe, Latin America (Columbia), North America (Canada), Australia, South East Asia (Singapore, Japan, South Korea) and, in addition some of the European accession countries (Croatia). Its mission is to initiate and implement projects at International, European and local level that demonstrate that the development of infrastructure can be reconciled with nature protection and environmental goals.

Highlights in the contribution of IMI to the further development of Ocean Energy applications include amongst others the initiative and establishment of OKEANOS, an international – Canadian, Dutch, Norvegian- co-operation on the exploration and possibilities of upscaling for innovative low head tidal range applications and the initiation of the first global network focused on upscaling and further deployment of salinity gradient power (INES) that includes all the known developers of salinity gradient power installations (

Since 2004 it has established itself in Brussels, more centrally located for the European Market. From that time, it has been active in advising and the promotion of innovative renewables, including particularly offshore- and near shore wind energy, ocean energy/ other techniques to generate energy from water.  Most relevant projects include  INES- a global international co-operation that includes all upscaling initiatives on salinity gradient energy worldwide and is focused to identify barriers to innovation and contribute to remove them; and the recent technology briefs for IRENA on all ocean energies; including wave energy, tidal current, tidal range, OTEC and salinity gradient energy. For the North Sea Commission IMI also made a quick scan assessment for the main issues and impediments and problems of ocean energy projects in the countries surrounding the north sea, including all ocean energies.



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