IIAMA (Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering) / UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALÈNCIA (UPVLC)

IIAMA (Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering) / UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALÈNCIA (UPVLC)

IIAMA has the objective of promoting the technical and scientifical research in a coordinated and pluridisciplinary way by the integration of research groups of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVLC) from different knowledge areas, as well as promoting the specialized training and technical consulting in those topics related with water, considered both as resource and as cornerstone of the biosphere. IIAMA comprises eight research areas related to water management and water and environmental engineering that integrate into a multidisciplinary research structure leader in water resources R+D.

IIAMA has around one hundred employees, including 8 Full Professors and 26 PhD Associate and Assistant Professors.  The teams have an ample scientist-technical baggage consolidated in the last 20 years in subjects related to Water and the Environment.  All of them present an extensive investigation and advising in their respective areas of work with an important degree of complementariness among them, covering all the Water Cycle.

More than fifty different research lines have been developed at IIAMA, all related to water and to the environment, and within the following areas: Sewage treatment and optimization of sewage treatment plants, microbiology and chemistry of water, detection and identification of bacteria in activated sludge, aquatic ecosystems and coastal waters, classification of waste, waste-spill and pollutant spreading, management and optimization of water networks for urban areas and for irrigation, designing, modeling and managing of water resources and of aquifers, structural hydraulic designs, physical and mathematical modeling of flow and mass transport processes, hydrologic modeling and simulation of rainfall and overflows, floods and droughts management and prevention, hydraulic planning, etc.

IIAMA integrates four laboratories completely equipped and operative in water chemistry and microbiology, water quality and sanitary engineering, assessment of environmental impact and environmental technologies, and river engineering and hydraulic works.

One of the objectives of IIAMA is to promote its national and international projection by means of the continuous participation in networks, national or international projects of mobility and cooperation.  So, IIAMA participates in activities and projects of the KIC-CLIMATE and it is member of two EIP Water Action Groups. Furthermore, staff of IIAMA is member of the Water Spanish Platform board and is the coordinator of a Spanish network of University Institutes related with Water and Environment. The participation in European programs includes:  SEDEMED I and SEDEMED II project (INTERREG PROGRAM), AGADAPT (Climate-KIC), WAM-ME, WARSYP, EC-DAMSE, POWADIMA, FLOODAWARE, FRAMEWORK EUROTAS, SPHERE,  AQUAMONEY, GENESIS, SIRIUS, DROUGHT R&SPI, FIGARO, ENHANCE (Framework Program), as well as the projects  SUFRI,  LIFE- ALBUFERA, ROOM FOR THE RIVER PROJECT (ERA-NET CRUE), RIPFLOW (ERA-NET  IWRM) , - last three projects coordinated by IIAMA -, etc.

IIAMA carries out a policy of active collaboration in the organization of conferences, meetings and events of scientific and technical orientation, next to collaborations in teaching, specific demanded courses, investigations, etc. The Institute has a wide experience in technology transfer and cooperation with private companies and governmental agencies.

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