ICRA is a public research institute created on 26 October 2006 by the Government of Catalonia within the framework of the Research Centres Programme of Catalonia (CERCA) for research and innovation in the sustainable use of water. 

ICRA is particularly interested in investigating and solving the impacts of drought, along with the aspects of quality in the treatment and reuse of water, dedicating priority attention to the Mediterranean Sea.

the amin objectives of ICRA are the following:

- Foster basic and applied research, and promote knowledge and technology transfer, innovation and the provision of scientific and technological services to public or private institutions and companies.

- Carry out top-level, worldclass research activities, with a coordinated, cooperative organisation structure, encouraging contacts between the ICRA ’s researchers and those from other institutions around the world, applying an interdisciplinary approach in a broad spectrum of water-related sciences and technologies.

- Facilitate funding of research through self-generated resources, subsidies, scholarships, competitive grants, donations and implementation of technology transfer projects awarded by both public institutions and private individuals or companies.

- Organise scientific meetings both within Spain and abroad and provide specialist services and products to the scientific community.

- Foster activities that contribute to promoting research in waterrelated sciences and technologies and achieving the ICRA ’s primary objectives.

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